CONGRATULATIONS to John Galvin on his upcoming marriage.
 All the best to you two from all of us !

First information about the recorded material for the 25th Anniversary Album is very positive. The release of the Live DVD however has been postponed. There is rumor about another concert to be recorded in Europe to make a complete concert.

Finally  the release date for the new “Live & Loaded” double-CD has been set for February, 24 2003. If this is also the release date for the DVD of this live concert is yet to be determined. A  track list and  the new cover can be seen on my  seperate Locked & Loaded page.  The band is currently in Hamburg, Germany to record material for a “Greatest” Hits collection. The rumur that Phil McCormack has plans to leave the band are absolutely false and are clearly proven wrong from his statements in a recent interview on Classic Rock Resited.

After the departure of Tim Donovan a new keyboarder has been playing at some live shows. His name is Scott Woods of Virginia Beach. At this point I have not heard him mentioned as being official member especially since John Galvin himself has never ruled out the possibility to return as a touring member. .

The release date of the LiveCD/ DVD is still being moved. Rumor has it, that there are uncertainties about “who” will release. Meanwhile other projects have been brought up. Appearently there is consideration of a “Best Of” release of old and new songs played by the current band. Other sad news feature parting Tim Donovan (keyboards). It seems Tim is moving from stage off stage and now supporting boygroup O-TOWN as crew member for stage sound. Tim, we hope you will still use your musical talent and keep working on your own music. Good luck with them screemin’ teenagers.

Still no news on the LiveCD/ DVD

Still haven’t received a final date for the doubleLive CD/DVD release. IN the meantime you might wanna check out this new “old” material. It’s called “Extended Version” and was released by BMG. It is at this point only available in the US or can be order from US CD order companies.  The CD features a Live-Concert with Jimmy Farrar on lead vocals  most like from the  “Take No Prisioners” Tour (1981?).
Track List:
Beatin' The Odds
Flirtin' With Disaster
Gator Country
Bounty Hunter
Dreams I'll Never See
Dead Giveaway
Lady Luck
It's All Over Now
One Man's Pleasure
Let The Good Times Roll
A picture of the cover is avaiable
here. (courtesy of Anders Hermansson)

As expected Bobby’s back. “We’re all glad you are OK”.  Good ol’Billy D. has however decided that he wants to spend more of his time with Tammy. After years and many many miles down the road something everyone can understand. “Billy all the best to you and Tammy. Too bad I never got to meet her. Thanks for all the good times and your friendship. Lots of good memories will stay with me! Maybe we will meet again some day”.
Another LiveCD called “Extended” from the Jimmy Farrar years has been released in the US. More as I get additional information.

Bobby is still recovering but doing better every day. He says, he’s feeling the best he has in years. Since he has quit smoking and changed his diet, it seems to me his return to the stage is only a question of time. I say that, because I know he recently already went on stage to play an encore.  The band however says, that Bobby should take all the time he need to recover. Russ seems to handle the new und unexpected situation like the professional he is. Obviously a little less focused when Bobby is onstage he can now show everyone what a great guitar slinger he is ! 
In the meantime Hatchet’s German Record Label SPV  has moved the announced release of the DoubleLiveCD/ DVD from June 17 to September 16, 2002. 

I was shocked when I heard the news that  my good friend Bobby had recenty suffered a heart attack Now it’s also official: Bobby Ingram suffered a heart attack on  April 26. To clam everyone Bobby is already recovering and doing great considering the situation. He is hoping to be back on stage soon. Russ Maxwell (lead guitar) und Tim Donovan (keyboards) have to work extra hard on stage in the meantime.

Looks like the new rhythm section is rockin just great. Have heard lots of good reviews on them recently. Good luck boys.

The excitement was only for short. The Hannover shows has been canceled. Due to a a lack of financing and date problems Molly Hatchet and Dickey Betts appearances cold not be arranged.Looks like Europe will see Hatchet earliest in December 2002.

Special Event: Gritz  and  Molly Hatchet Band co-sponsor the yearly  “I love Molly Hatchet” contest. Win a day with the band or a signed guitar. Please go here.

More band news: new on bass is Jerry Scott (formerly Brian Howe Band). He is replacing the parting Andy McKinney. We wish Andy all the best and hope to see him somewhere down the road. Thanks for many years of great dedication. A big welcome  to Jerry Scott. Also we are thrilled to hear that Tim Donovan is back on the road with the band. He and John Galvin will continue to share keyboards on the road.
For our European fans we have exciting news: Molly Hatchet will play another show this summer in Germany. But: this may actually be called the Southern Rock Event of the year.On Sunday, June 9, 2002 at the Pferderennbahn -Neue Bult - in Langenhagen (near Hannover):
Dickey Betts and Great Southern, Molly Hatchet, Doc Holliday, Lizard,Greyhound Soul and Elizabeth Lee
will share stage for this exciting event. One day before that, on Saturday
June 8, 2002, you can also see:
Steppenwolf, Rose Tatoo, Thin Lizzy und Dan Baird (Georgia Satellites). What more can we expect? I’ll see you there.
Ticket HOTLINE  (+49) 511 - 721479 Fon & Fax
Internet : Bluesgarage, Hannover

January had only a few live shows for the band.  Bobby Ingram und Phil McCormack worked on mixing the double live CD which their German SPV record company had already announced for spring of 2002. I have not heard an official release date, but I’ll keep you posted. I was sorry to hear that Tim Donovan has decided to stay off the road.Thanks for everything Tim ! Hope to see you again soon.  

The tour was great. Thanks guys for giving us this little early x-mas present. Shawn Beamer was new on drums for us Europeans. (Actually most likely for most of us Hatchet fans if you have seen the band recently.) Shawn did a great job !!!  It was hard to imagine he has done only 8 shows with the band before Hatchet played their first gig over here in Paris. My personal impression: Shawn rocks !!! He is a real nice guy and fits perfectly.  .  John Galvin played keyboards the entire tour this time. As a headliner with no new album to present it was even harder to stand against the excellent “Company of Snakes” with Mickey Moody and Burnie Marsden. The boys managed every night with excellence. The Sound also seemed to be improved this time. 

It’s OFFICIAL: the tour is booked. Molly Hatchet has added 3 additional dates without Company Of Snakes/ Humble Pie:
Dec. 10, 2001 Elyssee Montmatre, Paris, France
Dec. 11, 2001 013, Tilburg, NL
Dec. 12, 2001 Podium, Nardenburg, NL
The search for a permanent replacement on drums goes on. Shawn Beamer of Charlie Hargrett's Southern Rock Rebellion gave his debut on  10/25/01.

Not offical but word has spread: Europe get ready !!! “Christmas in Rock” with Molly Hatchet, Company of Snakes und Humble Pie
Unconfirmed dates:
Dec 14, 2001 Z7, Pratteln, CH
Dec 15, 2001 München Colosseum
Dec 16, 2001 Stuttgart Longhorn
Dec 17, 2001 Nürnberg Hirsch
Dec 18, 2001 Berlin Columbiahalle
Dec 19, 2001 Hamburg Markthalle
Dec 20, 2001 Hannover Capitol
Dec 21, 2001 Köln Live Music Hall
Dec 22, 2001 Neu Isenburg Hugenottenhalle
(courtesy of COS)

Lots of news in September. Besides Bobby’s birthday earlier this month. (Congrats again Bobby !!)drummer Sean Shannon is no longer touring with the band. According to some comments he has made, he will use the time while touring slows down a bit to work in his own studio and get caught up on some of his own projects. A replacement has already been found. Dale Rock, who is from the Sanford, FL area has already done a handful of shows. He is being describes as very friendly and nice guy. (What else would you expect from a new MH guy??). I also have a picture available of  Dale (courtesy of Stickman). The Swiss venu  Z7 has a European MH gig listed for Dec. 17 2001. Additional dates have not yet been confirmed. Pending on the political situation we might actually have some European tourdates around X-mas . A German mailorder catalog has listed a re-release of the “Devil’s Canyon/ Silent Reign Of Heroes” CDs as a double CD set. There is also talks about a newly recorded “Greatest Hits” album of this current band. Let’s wait and see what the future will bring.

On 07/31 Phil McCormack celebrated his 41st birthday. Congrats to you Phil from all your fans - Hell Yeah !!! 
Sony Music has released a remastered  “Flirtin’ with disaster”  CD. It features 4 bonus tracks: Silver And Sorrow (previously unreleased, demo), Flirtin' With Disaster (previously unreleased, live), One Man's Pleasure (previously unreleased, live),Cross Road Blues (previously unreleased, live).  There is also a reissue of the “Greatest Hits” CD with additional tracks.

Those awaiting the release of  the Double Live CD and DVD recorded last winter (2000) in Germany will have to wait a little longer. A release will probably be as early as spring of 2002.
Meanwhile the U.S. Tour is rollin’. Recently U.S. audiences finally saw Hatchet and Skynyrd share a bill. Tragically it was one of the last shows featuring the late Skynyrd bassist Leon Wilkeson.

June 5  2001 was a celebration day for all MH fans as  “Kingdom Of XII” was finally released in the U.S.. Also the winners of the “I Love Molly Hatchet”- Contest were announced. The lucky winners spent a day with the band in Vegas.  The runner up received an autographed guitar. For more details check out the article and pictures on  GRITZ.

The band did what they do best: play Hatchet songs on the road. Bobby Ingram also gave some interviews. Try  Classic Rock Revisited.


In the past few months Gritz Online spoke with current and former members of Molly Hatchet. The interviews include some touchy subjects.
Riff West (10/2000); Danny Joe Brown (12/2000); Bobby Ingram (02/2001)

In March 2001 the “Kingdom Of XII” album is set to be released in the U.S. A extended tour is sure to follow. There is also rumor of an Asian tour. Europe might see the band at some of the summer festivals or later in the year.

The band spent the last weeks of 2000 touring across  Europe. Until December 22nd they played shows in England, Sweden, Norway, Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany and finished in Switzerland. Many of the shows were sold out and the audiences experienced a great southern rock explosion of a very alive and energetic band.  A lot of new friends were made. The Bremen and Hamburg shows were recorded for a double LiveCD and DVD release.

Now available on CD/ video is the recording of the Jammin’ for DJB benefit concert which took place on July 18, 1999 at  Club VELA in Orlando, Florida. Former bandmates and many other friends from the music business had gathered  to raise money and attention for Brown. The former Molly Hatchet vocalist  had sufferd a stroke and has been recovering slowly since. Longtime Hatchet bassist Riff West along with others had taken it upon himself to organize this event. CD/videos can be ordered via the Jammin’ for DJB website.
Dixie Jam Band: Danny Joe Brown, Dave Hlubek, Steve Holland, Banner Thomas, Bruce Crump, Jimmy Farrar, Riff West, Jay Johnson, Glen Vandervoort, Jakson Spires, Duane Roland (in the studio).
The 52:44 min long CD features the “Dixie Jam Band”. The longer video features additional material with performances of Pat Travers, Artimus Pyle Band,The Southern Rock Allstars and Charlie Hargrett of Blackfoot. It is a truely touching moment and hard to hold the tears when Brown get on stage to sing “Flirtin with disaster” one more time.

Molly  Hatchet’s new album “Kingdom of XII”  was released on October 23, 2000 in Europe. A U.S. release will follow in 2001. The band has managed to produce another ass-kickin’ southern rock Molly Hatchet style album. Musical legend Charlie Daniels plays a fantastic fiddle on 2 songs. MH also won Julie from Rockbitch to add her strong voice as background vocalist. It must be a dream come true for longtime Rolling Stones fan Phil McCormack to cover the classic “Tumbling dice”. (Excellent work may I add!!! Great job Phil !!!) In the tradition of the last 2 albums “Kingdom Of XII” also features a remake of a classic MH tune. This time the band has chosen to record an accustic version of  “Edge of Sundown” which first appeared on the 1981 DJB Band album.  There is also a Japan Edition containing a bonus track called “Bordertown”.  A for Europe announced “Limited Edition - Digi Pack” was never available in stores. Additional info and tracklist here.

Phoenix Gems has released a live concert of Molly Hatchet’s first U.S. tour on CD titled “Live At The Agora Ballroom, Atlanta, GA 04.20.79”.
Tracks: Bounty Hunter, Let the good times roll, Gator Country, The Creeper, T for Texas, Big Apple, Dreams, Trust Your old Friend, The Harp Jam, One Man’s Pleasure, Crossroads, Boogie no more.

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