In an interview Dave Hlubek (founding member) told the story of the bandname as follows:

“A friend of ours went to University Of Florida in Gainesville. Bobby Maddox  was  his name. This was long before Danny Joe[Brown]. He was singer number 5.  Bobby Maddox was singing before him. He was a real Mick Jagger type. We were  looking  for a name for the band. We were wanting to work. There were around  12  rock  and  roll clubs in the Jacksonville area in the 70's. You could  make  a  hell of a living. By the time you made your way through the twelfth.,  it  was time to start all over again. We were changing the name of the band every two weeks. Nobody knew who the f**k we were! They would just get used  to  the  name  of the group, and we would finish the twelfth club and start over as the f**king Imbeciles or something! People would not know who we  were.  This  is the same band that packed the place a few weeks before. Finally, we said this is bullshit . We need to come up with a name for the group ! There were six of us in the band. We took a John Deere Tractor hat and  everybody  came up with three names apiece and put them in the hat. We did  it  like the lottery. We said that whatever name was pulled out of the hat, by God, was going to be the name of the band, and that's it! Well, the18th name, the only one left, was Molly Hatchet! We said, ‘What the fuck is that?’ It started out, ‘Molly F**king Hatchet.’ Everyone was saying, ‘Whose the  girl  in  the band?’ People of Jacksonville took it upon themselves to start  making  bumper  stickers.  We just kept the name. Who in the hell is Molly?  It's  like,  what's in a name! Molly was an axe murderous. Her name was  Abigail something. The history books called her Hatchet Molly. She was some passion killer. “ [Abigail lived in 17th century Salem and killed her lovers with her hatchet]



Actually Molly Hatchet was supposed to be Ronnie Van Zant’s first  band as a producer. But after Lynyrd Skynrd’s tragic plane crash in 1977, which took the lifes of Van Zant and other band members, Hatchet’s self-entiteled debut album ”Molly Hatchet” wasn’t released until 1978. It quickly gained platinum status. The follow up album “Flirtin With Disaster”(1979) was even more successful. Even today its title song is still the most popular of the many Hatchet classics.



In 1980 vocalist Brown was diagnosed with diabetes. Jimmy Farrar took the hard task to replace him. With Farrar, the band recorded the albums “Beatin’ The Odds”(1980) and “Take No Prisoners”(1981). Farrar brought in his own singing style and his voice was noticable different from Brown’s. Hatchet certainly made a lot of new fans but those still devoted to Brown deeply missed him.



Meanwhile Brown was seeking to return to the music business. He formed the Danny Joe Brown Band, which also included  Bobby Ingram and John Galvin from todays band. In  1981 the album “DJB And The Danny Joe Brown Band” was released.



In 1982 Brown returned to Hatchet, bringing with him his DJB Band keyboarder John Galvin. “No Guts...No Glory”(1983) was released. Drummer Bruce Crump was replaced by B.B. Borden (Mothers Finest) and Riff West had taken Banner Thomas’  spot on bass guitar (1981). In 1984 “The Deed is done” was released and Galvin had become a full and official member. Bruce Crump returned on drums, Steve Holland however left the band without replacement.



1985 brought the release of “Double Trouble Live”, a double live album featuring a wonderful version of Skynrd’s classic  “Freebird”. Other than the CD version, the LP release features two addition tracks: “Walk On The Side Of The Angels” and “Walk With You”.



In 1986 Dave Hlubek left the band due to drug problems.  Bobby Ingram, an old time friend of  Danny Joe Brown, was asked to take his spot.  The band continued touring until in 1989  “Lightning Strikes Twice” finally brought another album. On July 8 1990 in Toledo, Ohio the 80’s version  gave their final performance. A  “Greatest Hits” was released in 1991 containing the 2 previously unreleased tracks “Shake The House Down” and “Raptop Deluxe”.



Only Brown and Ingram decided to keep going. After  a short while on the road they were offered a liscening deal for use of the MH bandname. With changing members and without a record deal they kept touring. Unfortunatly all attempts to get the old bandmates back stayed unsuccessful..



Finally in 1995 the hard work seemed to pay off. The German CBH label offered them a record deal. Unfortunately Brown already suffered major health problems and was no longer able to sing in the band. A new frontman was needed quickly. Brown chose Phil McCormack, whom he new from shows they had done together with the Roadducks (McCormack‘s old band), to keep the band going in the true spirit and tradition of Molly Hatchet. The album “Devil’s Canyon”(1996) was recorded with McCormack on vocals. Due to the continuing success following the extended touring Molly Hatchet also received  a record deal with CMC in the U.S. In 1998  “Silent Reign Of Heroes”, the 2nd album of the newly formed version was released. Led by Bobby Ingram Molly Hatchet is still giving their fans what they want. With well over 100 concerts a year Molly Hatchet may not have an original member left in the band, but has managed to cut the bridge into the new millenium. New fans are made daily. Hard driving Rock N’Roll  combined with continuous touring and a most fan friendly attitude have paid off.



In Spring 2000 the band went back in the studio and on October 23, 2000 the new album  “Kingdom Of XII” was released in Europe. The U.S. release followed on June 5, 2001. The latest CD release is the double-Live-CD “Locked & Loaded”. More info here.



There have also been Reissues of  several older albums:

In 2001 Sony Music has released a remastered  “Flirtin’ with disaster” . It features 4 bonus tracks: Silver And Sorrow (previously unreleased, demo), Flirtin' With Disaster (previously unreleased, live), One Man's Pleasure (previously unreleased, live),Cross Road Blues (previously unreleased, live).
 There is also a reissue of the “Greatest Hits” CD with additional tracks (no specials).
In October  SPV has released 2 CD set of “Devil’s Canyon/ Silent Reign Of Heroes” in Germany as a nice price deal. Also another LiveCD by the name “Extended” from the Jimmy Farrar Era has been released. More infos will follow.



There have also been a number of other releases. The following 4 albums are “Best Of” collections:

Molly  Hatchet “On The Prowl”(1993/ Sony)

Molly Hatchet “Revisited”(1996/ Gusto Music)



Molly Hatchet “Cut To The Bone”(1997/ Sony)

Molly Hatchet “Super Hits”(1998/ Sony)



Molly Hatchet “Best (Dreams I’ll never see)” (1999 Zounds/Sony)
A good mixture of songs from all generationsof the band.



During the last days of their first U.S. Tour on April 20, 1979 Molly Hatchet played at the Agora Ball Room in Atlanta, GA. Back then bands were always happy about live broadcasts. It gave them the possibility to reach a large audience and add new fans. The old tapes have been remastered and are now available to the public.
“Live At The Agora Ballroom, GA 04.20.79”(2000) was released by  Phoenix Gems . For collectors 3 previously unreleased tracks “T For Texas”, “The Harp Jam” and “Crossroads” might be of special interest.



On July 18, 1999 at  Club VELA in Orlando, Florida, former bandmates and many other friends from the music business had gathered  to raise money and attention for former Molly Hatchet vocalist Danny Joe Brown. He had sufferd a stroke and has been recovering slowly since. The CD/ video was released November/ Thanksgiving 2000 and can be ordered via the Jammin’ for DJB website.



There have also been a number of unliscensed Live-CDs.

“Astral Games”(1992) is a bootleg with Jimmy Farrar on vocals. It was recorded on Dec. 31 1980 at the  Lakeland Center, Florida.  “Gods And Knights”(1993) captures a 1984 show with singer Brown at the Orlando Arena, Florida.



“Southern Cross”(1996) is the latest bootleg featuring current singer Phil McCormack. This double-CD is a recording of the band’s 1996 Loreley (Germany) concert which was also recorded for the German TV program “Rockpalast” on WDR. The CD also features a Lynyrd Skynyrd show from the same night.


Founding members 1978:

Danny Joe Brown - lead vocals

Dave Hlubek - lead guitars

Duane Roland - lead & rhythm guitars

Steve Holland - lead & rhythm guitars

Banner Thomas - bass guitars

Bruce Crump - drums

Danny Joe Brown Band:

Danny Joe Brown - lead vocals

Bobby Ingram - lead guitars

Steve Wheeler - lead guitars

Kenny McVay - lead guitars

Buzzy Meekins - bass guitar

John Galvin - keyboards

Jimmy Glenn -drums

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Molly Hatchet 2002:

Phil McCormack - lead vocals

Bobby Ingram - lead guitars

Russ Maxwell - lead guitars

Jerry Scott - bass guitar

John Galvin - keyboards

Shawn Beamer - drums


Other former members:

Jimmy Farrar - lead vocals

B.B. Borden - drums

Riff West - bass guitar

Andy Oarth - keyboards

Buzzy Meekins - bass guitar

Kenny Holton - drums

Mac Crawford - drums

Mike Owings - lead guitars

Bryan Bassett - lead guitars

Sean “The Cannon” Shannon - drums

Andy McKinney - bass guitar

Tim Donovan - keyboards